Is your commercial door not working the way it should?

We realize that not all commercial door issues require a brand new door. Sometimes, you just need the right replacement part to repair your door, good as new. Finding that part can be a hassle. But, once you find it, it shouldn't cost a fortune. The Door Company can help locate just the right part at just the right price. We have an inventory of surplus commercial door parts available to you at reduced costs to help get your commercial door back to normal operations.

The Door Company will be updating the surplus commercial door parts inventory list on a regular basis. Check back often to see if any new listings will be able to help you complete your door repair project. If you do not find what you are looking for initially, please give us a call. Our experienced commercial door techs can help you locate the part you need.

We support your maintenance department with an extensive line of parts, and helpful advice – in our walk-in sales and service counter, or at your site if you need it. So if your door’s not working, and you’ve found the broken part – call 614-338-1414, Email Us or, come see us at 3247 E. 11th Ave. in Columbus.

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